Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Second life for cans and jars

What have in common cans and jars and a cardboard toilet paper rolls? All they can easily become the most beautiful decorations for your home. This technique, which I found in, will make very fashionable and very good-looking house, which combine modern style and classic.

1. Jar or tin and toilet roll must be painted black. To get a better coat, they should have two layers of paint over.

2. When the paint is dry, rub the object with the candle that will applied on top of the new layer and later will be easily chafe leaving a black colour underneath. 

3. A second layer should be in light colour. Shade can choose according to your desired palette. It is necessary to use acrylic paints that are water resistant and applies good on any material.

4. Once the paint is dry, take a sandpaper and smoothly scrap desired object edges and places where you are seeking more natural antique effect.

5. To make the labels you will need inkjet printer, PVA washable glue and A4 paper (it would be better a little thicker than regular printing paper, but if you do not have, you can use the standard copy paper - just be a little more delicate work is skinning) and Mod Podge Matte-mat-Mate decoupage glue . They can be purchased online store, priced at around £ 3-4.
First brush A4 sheet with PVA glue and wait until it dry.

6. You pick the logo from the web page from which you can download free images based on your desired design and print on the side which was smeared with glue. Another very important tip: pictures with text to be rotated mirror principle so that then you stick it on the object and peeled it off will be correct way.

7. Then, cut out the table and place it where you want to put a label before brushing the place with Mod Podge. Stick it face inside. Rub, to avoid air bubbles and leave it overnight to dry well.

8. The next day, put your decorated object under the water (if it is - a cardboard roll just moisten the label with your fingers). Wait a few minutes and slowly peel it from starting from the edge. You'll see how nicely from it peels of as it would be a sticker. If you remember the children body tattoos that you use water to put on your body - the same principle. If not peeling in some places - no problem: leave and then moisten your fingers, rub the paper and it will come off. Do not use sponges or cloths, because they are very easy to rub off.
9. When making a candlestick of toilet roll, cut the sides that would look like burned candle. Although you can see a real candle in the picture, preferably use electric candle - so there will be less fear of causing a fire. When I did this project, I did not have electric candles, so I used as example this tea candle. This candle I wrapped into baking foil and fold edges around the roll top.
10. I used hot glue to make drops and leeks that would look as used candle. Also if you put at the bottom of the candle I would recommend  to be as the gutter. It would be good to use white colour glue to make more realistic look. If you only have a translucent, you can then paint in white. It would be good if you have a transparent varnish put it to the overall project.

Try it yourself and comment what you think about it. 

Friday, 14 August 2015

How to make  environmentally friendly jewellery

These ornaments made from old newspapers and old blouses strips. It seems stunningly beautiful and very fashionable.
I am offering the most creative way to reuse an old blouse in to new life.
1. It must be old newspapers, better would be possible to contain the less pictures. Newspapers Chop into very small shreds: the smaller the better. Take your time to chop one sheet at the time.
2. Boil water and pour it all over the torn pieces to cover them. Leave it for a couple of hours, and from time to time stirring the mixture. Pour all the water and try to hand-drill water as possible from the same rag. After that, as far as possible, pour PVA glue.
Divide mixture in to shape or your choice of size balls and beautifully put on a flat surface. Put it on the radiator (if the heating season), if not, you can speed up the process and placed in the oven 100C heat. However, check balls in 30min if it has hardened. When you pull out it should be completely harden.
3. Now we can start to paint. Use acrylic paint that dries quickly and they become slightly glossy, and a good compliance on any material. If you want to have the natural stone look put the first coat of paint in a dark colour.
Apply a second coat that should be light shade and painted only the tip of the brush bristles with very little paint as if tap around the bead, that would expose the primary colour. When you get the desired outcome left a good paint dry out.
4.Then pick up the thickest needle or awl and pierce a hole where you would like the bead would be ajar. 

The final result depends only on your own imagination. If you do not want to spend, you want use silk ribbon and tied a bow. Or use old jewellery parts.

Saturday, 25 July 2015

Bag for Summer

 All hand made and used recycled materials as leather belt from coat and fabrics. 

Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Picture made by Saulius Kuzminskas

Just recently freshly update and reopened my shop. Where you can find not just my prints but accessories and jewelry made by me. All items have at least 30%-50% reused materials to help reduce wastage for our environment and for our future to come. As you know it, I love reuse things and try to make new things out of old. However I like to make it in unique way that would be representable and beautiful to wear or have. I try to use materials as much as possible that I won't have too much wastage. Have a lovely visit at our shop and mark it at your favourite list, because it will be updated each week.

The Biggest news of all is new Magical art club for children to come from September 2015. More information about this club you can find in my new blog For this project I put all my heart and soul for art and children. Last year I graduated Early years Montessori teacher course in MCI London also did volunteering at Garfield Primary school in Art club and gather all my experience and knowledge to make best place for children to learn creativity and build their imagination.

Sunday, 6 May 2012

Ladybug ladybug ..... Spring time is here

Hello everyone, 
I am happy to start my blog again after 1 year of gap since my last post. However I have good news to share, all that time, I was focus on one thing, one very important thing, a little baby girl that came to life in February this year. It was winter, but how fun to start spring with a new life in this world. She is a joy in our family and it feels so great because she brings us that energy to live, to play, to see world again as it is new and never been seen. Smile and laughter is in our faces because of her. This spring is time for old ideas to come to life that ideas that was in my head for long time. In joy the sun and nature that is so beautiful so green and bright and lets move on to new interesting future. Do what you like most and start with simple thing like smile. See you soon

Sveiki mieli draugai,

Man smagu vėl pradėt rašyti į savo dienorašti po metų laiko. Bet turiu rimtą priežastį kodėl taip atitrukau nuo visko, o gi todėl, kad į mano gyvenimą pasibeldė nauja gyvybė tai maža mergaitė kuri gime  šių metų vasarį. Kaip smagu pabaigti žiemą ir pradėti pavasarį su nauja gyvybšiame pasaulyje. Ji mūsų  džiaugsmas, nes atnešė tiek daug energijos gyventi, žaisti, pamatyti pasaulį vėl naujai lyg ne būtum jo matęs. Šypsena ir juokas mūsų veiduose nepasitraukia tik dėl jos. Taigi šis pavasaris yra prasmingas senoms idėjoms įgyvendinti. Mėgautis saule ir bundančia gamta kuri tokia nuostabiai žalia ir bėgti į naują ateitį. Pradėkime daryti tai kas mums patinka, kad ir nuo paprasčiausio dalyko kaip šypsena. Sekmės gretai ir vėl susimatysime. 

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Art at your home

Thanks to my friend Aidas Bumbulis architect who share some great information about interior design and architect news. He shared this link about how to choose great art work at home to make your home look more cosy. I would like to talk more about Art at your home. I think you would agree that home withought picture on a wall or your personal photos is not a real home because you still think something is missing. So I did some research in finding how to put pictures on a wall and what kind of pictures to use. Feng shui recommends for living room to have your family photos or art work that would match your interior colors and try to use balance with cold and warm tones. If your picture is with fire colors like bright red, yellow so match cushions with red but also incorporate in you interior earth colors like green and brown to give your living room balance of energy flow. For bedroom Feng Shui recommend to have peaceful art work only with soft earth colors and beautiful scene that has some nature aspects. You don't need to follow fend shui you can decorate your home the way you want but I think it is nice to follow some interior designers rules because it is easer to chose what artwork you want. Usually we already have furniture and colored the room walls so it is much easer to choose the art work that you can incorporate in you interior. However you also can receive artwork, before you change you interior or you moved in to a new house, then you need to chose and buy some ornaments with the same color schema to match your home interior. To buy an artwork as a gift you need to see your friends house know what style they having in they interior and what color tone is in the house then you can buy the best artwork for them. However what to do if you never been in they house and you want to buy an artwork. Try to look for not so eccentric work with bright colors, look more for natural tones, abstract or nature theme would be the best chose for you. More information you can look at links I provided above.
Dėka mano seno draugo architekto Aido Bumbulio, kuris dalinasi puikia informacija apie interjero dizainą ir architektūros naujienas. Jis pasidalino šia nuoroda apie tai, kaip pasirinkti meno kūrinį, kad namų aplinka taptu jauki ir derintūsi prie jūsų namų interjero. Norėčiau daugiau pakalbėti apie meno kūrinius jūsų namuose. Manau, kad jūs sutiksite, namai be paveikslų ant sienos ar savo asmeninių nuotraukų nėra jaukųs namai, nes vis atrodo, kad kažko trūksta. Taigi, aš šiek tiek pasidomėjau ir patyrinėjau, kaip pasirinkti nuotraukas ar paveikslus jūsų namams. Feng Shui rekomenduoja, kad svetainėje tiktų turėti savo šeimos nuotraukas ir meno kūrinius, kurie pritrauktų gerą atmosferą jūsų namuose. Kūrinys turėtu derintis spalvomis su jį supančia aplinka ir būtų suderinta šaltų ir šiltų tonų pusiausvyra interejera, kad turetumėte energitinę pusiausvyra kambaryje. Jei jūsų paveiksle dominuoja ugnies spalvos, kaip ryškiai raudona, geltona, tai paderinti galite akcentais kaip pagalvėlėmis ta pačia spalva, bet taip pat įtraukti į jūsų interjerą ir žemės spalvų, pavyzdžiui, žalia ar ruda kambarį pripildys pusiausvyrą ir gera energija. Miegamąjį Feng Shui rekomenduoja taikų meno kūrinį tik ramia tematika šiltais tonais. Jeigu Jums nepriimtini Feng Shui patarimai galite papuošti savo namus tiesiog pasitikėdami dizainerio patarimais. Paprastai mes jau turime baldus ir išdažytas kambario sienas, tad lengiviau pasirinkti meno kūrinius, derinant su interjero kaloritu ir stilistika. Tačiau jūs taip pat galit gauti meno kūrinius, prieš keisdami jūsų interjerą, arba prieš persikėliant į naują namą, tada jums patarčiau pasirinkti ir nusipirkti tos pačios spalvos paletės ornamentus, ar rėmus atitinkančių jūsų namų interjerą. Norėdami pirkti meno kūrinį kaip dovaną, jums reikia pažinoti jūsų draugų skonį ar bent žinoti kokio stiliaus jų interjeras ir spalvos namuose, tuomet jūs galėsite nupirkti meno kūrinį kuris tikrai patiks jūsų draugams. Tačiau ką daryti, jei jūs niekada nebuvot namuose ir norite pirkti meno kūrinį. Pabandykite ieškoti ne tiek ekscentriško darbo su ryškiomis spalvomis, kiek daugiau natūralių spalvų ir abstrakčių arba gamtos tematika darbų. Daugiau informacijos galite peržvelgti nuorodas, aš pirmiau pateiktais.


Sunday, 15 April 2012

Supporting Craft

Made with love. This is how I would explain what is handmade product and why we need to support handmade craft because person who is selling his work in markets, art shops and online shops did it with love and passion. They love what they do and this energy you can feel when you wear these products, when you have them at home and use them in your life. Everyone recognize when you put on handmade scarf from the ones you buy from big supermarkets. When you opening page you feel good and happy mood and want to look in each product that they listing. It is very nice community where you don't need to be craftsmen to be part of this you can be person who just love art and like to be with people who are friendly and artistic and give you ideas how to be creative. They also think about environment and be part of fair-trade and help countries that need a support like ethnically The Spirit of Thailand by buying they products you help women of thailand. Or maybe it is just me who likes art and I feel happy seeing so many creative people in one place but I hope that you too enjoying this. Because then you support them you feel good, you know that your money goes directly to person who made it. You can find all world craftsmen in there but there is more online art shops and I think it is great because it keeps small business a life and also we have traditional art existing. So if you want to give a unique gift to a friend and you don't know where to look you can find it online. I think art like a music heals our souls and bring happiness in our life that we all want to have. I find in this site and more Lithuanian artists who sell their work, but would like to see more of these Lithuanian who represent our country crafts to the world. Let's be seen, and let's be visible, be proud what we do and know how to do it.


Pagaminta su meile. Štai, kaip aš norėčiau paaiškinti, kas yra rankų darbo gaminys, ir kodėl mes turime paremti rankų amatą, nes asmuo, kuris parduoda savo darbus rinkoje, meno parduotuvėse ir internetinėse parduotuvėse, padarė jį su meile ir aistra tau. Jie mėgsta tai, ką jie daro, ir šią energiją galite jaustis, kai dėvite šiuos produktus, jei turite juos savo namuose ar naudojate juos savo gyvenime. Kiekvienas pripažįsta, kad, kai jūs dėvite rankų darbo šaliką, kiekvienas atskiria nuo pirktinio iš didelių prekybos centrų. Tik atsidarę tinklalapį, iškarto aplanko gera ir linksma nuotaika, ir norisi peržiūrėti visus produktus kiek įmanoma. O gal čia tik man taip atrodo , gal tik man tai patinka. Tai labai graži bendruomenė, kur jums nereikia būti amatininku kad būtumėt jos dalis, jūs gali būti asmuo, kuris tiesiog mylite meną, mėgsta būti su žmonėmis, kurie yra draugiški ir kūrybingi ir duoda jums idėjų, kaip būti kūrybingu. Jie taip pat galvoja apie aplinką ir sąžiningą prekybą ir pagalba šalims, kurioms reikia pagalbos, kaip antai Etniška Tailando Dvasios parduotuvė perkant produktus jūs padėsite Tailando moterims išlaikyti tradicinį Tailando mena. Manau kad pirkdami ir remdami juos jausitės gerai, nes jūs žinote, kad jūsų pinigai eina tiesiogiai pas asmenį, kuris padarė produktą jums. Čia galite rasti visus pasaulio amatininkus, bet yra daugiau internetinės meno parduotuvės ir aš manau, kad tai yra puiku, nes tai skatina smulkųjį verslą, taip pat turime tradicinio meno gyvavimą. Taigi, jei norite įteikti unikalią dovaną draugui, o jūs nežinote, kur ieškoti, galite rasti internete. Tai sakau netik dėlto kad tapau šio puslapio nare, bet iš širdies pamilau visus kas prisideda prie šio puslapio, nes randu ten tiek gražiu darbelių ir noriu juos palaikyti. Ir manau kad menas kaip ir muzika suteikia žmonėms gerų emocijų kurios gydo mūsų sielas. Šiame puslapį randu ir daugiau lietuvių menininkų kurie prekiauja savo darbais, bet norėtūsi kad tokių lietuvių būtu daugiau iskleistųtlietuviškusus amatus visam pasauliui. Būkime matomi būkime pastebėti ir didžiuokimės tai ką darome ir mokame daryti.