Friday, 14 August 2015

How to make  environmentally friendly jewellery

These ornaments made from old newspapers and old blouses strips. It seems stunningly beautiful and very fashionable.
I am offering the most creative way to reuse an old blouse in to new life.
1. It must be old newspapers, better would be possible to contain the less pictures. Newspapers Chop into very small shreds: the smaller the better. Take your time to chop one sheet at the time.
2. Boil water and pour it all over the torn pieces to cover them. Leave it for a couple of hours, and from time to time stirring the mixture. Pour all the water and try to hand-drill water as possible from the same rag. After that, as far as possible, pour PVA glue.
Divide mixture in to shape or your choice of size balls and beautifully put on a flat surface. Put it on the radiator (if the heating season), if not, you can speed up the process and placed in the oven 100C heat. However, check balls in 30min if it has hardened. When you pull out it should be completely harden.
3. Now we can start to paint. Use acrylic paint that dries quickly and they become slightly glossy, and a good compliance on any material. If you want to have the natural stone look put the first coat of paint in a dark colour.
Apply a second coat that should be light shade and painted only the tip of the brush bristles with very little paint as if tap around the bead, that would expose the primary colour. When you get the desired outcome left a good paint dry out.
4.Then pick up the thickest needle or awl and pierce a hole where you would like the bead would be ajar. 

The final result depends only on your own imagination. If you do not want to spend, you want use silk ribbon and tied a bow. Or use old jewellery parts.

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